Assessments and Consultation

SBS Training Solutions provides assessments and consultation that can be as broad as to cover an entire operational continuum such as international business or specific to a certain areas such as individual employee cyber security.


Our standardized packaged programs are designed to provide clients with a specific set of capabilities or skill sets. These programs are specifically developed to address the key elements and issues relevant to the objective.

Custom Training
For Your Company

SBS Training Solutions develops customized training programs designed to address the specific needs of your company.

About Us


Employees are the life blood of every company whose actions and efforts directly contribute to the success or failure of the organization they work for. SBS Training Solutions strives to increase company profitability, stability, security and overall success through providing relevant actionable education of its employees. The training that SBS provides develops company stakeholders in which they become integral to the overall organization and personally aware of issues that could negatively impact the company. This allows the employees to work as a cohesive team and allow company leaders to focus on larger issues to achieve success.
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    Highly Skilled Instructors and Trusted Advisors SBS instructors are highly skilled professionals with years of training and experience in a wide variety of disciplines. Our instructors are selected from many of the top agencies and departments throughout the US Government to include the military, federal and state law enforcement agencies. Additionally our instructors are chosen due to a proven track record of performance and versatility allowing them to work seamlessly in a wide array of environments with a diverse population of people.
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    SBS Training Solutions is an education company. Our mission is to provide insight, consultation and/or instruction to allow your company’s employees to identify and properly address potential risks and exposures.
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    SBS Training Mission Statement Provide professional education and training that enables and compels our customers to be proactive in their own success.
An Investment in Knowledge and Education Pays the Best Interest,
and Determined Action is the Fundamental Key to Success!


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