Corporate Preparedness And Proactive Leadership


Proactive Leadership Prepares Employees for Emergencies

Natural Disasters, Active Shooters, Abductions, Emergency Trauma; is it possible to be prepared for everything and to what level should companies ensure their employees are prepared? Planning, policies and procedures are a great step in the right directions, but training takes your employees to higher level of survivability. Employees are a company’s most valuable assets and being active in their emergency preparation demonstrates sincere concern for your employees as people.
The key element is to understand that preparedness is not a one-size-fits-all solution. While plans and checklists can prepare employees procedurally and logistically, training dramatically increases the survival rate and takes preparedness to a new level. Much like a Fire Plan and Procedure, the Fire Drill provides the actual training needed ensure employee survival. Training provides your employees with skills, knowledge and practical exercises that can be applied to their individual work and personal situations.

Preparedness Training

Abduction Management, Active Shooter Response and Personal Security Awareness are not your typical corporate training courses; however, more and more companies are providing their employees with this type of preparedness training. Not all employees have the same level of risk and threats, so training programs that are customized to your company’s risk factors and threats are imperative to ensure the desired end state. Abduction Management is more prevalent for companies operating in high risk foreign countries; Active Shooter and Personal Security Awareness are in high demand for most metropolitan based companies.

Corporate Leadership and Threat Analysis

Corporate Leadership and upper management often find it hard to conduct a proper analysis of the risks and threats to the company and its employees. SBS Training Solutions provides a third party outside view with actionable recommendations and solutions. Our consultants and instructors have diverse backgrounds ranging from special operations to federal law enforcement. SBS Training Solutions ensure your company receives relevant and economical solutions that prepare and protect your employees.
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