Steve Carvajal, founder of SBS Training Solutions, has been involved with corporate and strategic security operations since the early 1970’s and has operated in various conflicted areas of the world.
In 2007, a close friend was abducted and held for ransom in Mexico City. Even though the kidnappers received the full ransom payment, Steve’s friend did not survive.
Steve realized this tragic event highlighted an ongoing dilemma many families and companies encounter when a kidnapping incident occurs:
  • Surveillance detection and kidnapping avoidance training was not available outside of the governmental intelligence and security specialist community
  • Virtually all normal responses (and training scenarios) tend to be “reactionary” in nature
  • Typical situational training courses focus on surviving a kidnapping situation or attempting to escape once an abduction has occurred
  • So-called “experts” teach you how to “act” or respond to the event after the kidnapping has taken place
This is synonymous to the old saying, “there’s no use shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted”.
At SBS Training Solutions, we believe it is better to teach a person how to avoid being kidnapped in the first place rather than instruct a victim how to survive an actual kidnapping incident.
SBS Training Solutions operates from a very simple Point-Of-View. The safest course of action is to recognize a dangerous situation and AVOID IT.

WARNING: What Kidnap and Ransom Insurance DOESN’T Cover

Few people realize that basic kidnap and ransom (K&R) insurance policies or financial security instruments are only beneficial after a tragic event has taken place.
K&R policies are indemnity policies do nothing to avoid or prevent the event. They reimburse a loss incurred by the insured but do not pay ransoms on the behalf of the insured.
These policies do nothing to avoid or prevent the event.

The “WHY “Behind SBS Training Solutions

After researching and analyzing numerous kidnappings, then considering the implications of the various outcomes, SBS Training Solutions was created to bridge the gap between the typical “reactionary “training techniques versus the preferred practice of risk management procedures.

Subsequently we have broadened our training courses and consulting programs to offer a wide range of expertise, all focused on essentially this simple concept:

Increasing Security Awareness, Reducing Risk, Creating a Safer Work Environment

SBS Training Solutions is an education company; our mission is to assess your company’s exposure level to medium/high risk situations, to develop a customized action plan, and to educate your company’s employees in order to enhance or facilitate their safety and your company’s success.

We specialize in situational awareness education and risk mitigation training, such as:

1. Abduction Avoidance Management Training
2. Community Interaction Operations
3. Corporate Team Building
4. Emergency Response Planning
5. Travel Safety and Security Training
6. Employee Cyber Awareness
7. Personal Threat Awareness
8. Physical Security Awareness
9. Active Shooter and Incident Response Training
In today’s global environment, successful companies operate at a rapid pace. Conducting business within a multi-national setting makes in-depth risk analysis and situational awareness issues a smart (and necessary) decision for employee safety and reduction in litigation.

SBS offers a wide range of services ranging from:

  • Simple assessments of current operating issues
  • Detailed personal security training
  • Training for employees operating in threat environments
  • Developing plans, policies and procedures
  • Active shooter scenarios
  • Emergency planning
  • Natural disasters
  • Employee security (domestic and international)
  • International business development
We employ the brightest, most experienced and most highly regarded professionals who are exceptionally adept at providing realistic training that mitigate risks, are cost effective, and promote positive results within any corporate setting.
SBS Training Solutions provides a holistic approach designed to meet our clients’ training objectives and security goals by providing your employees with techniques and skills they need in today’s ever-changing global business environment.


SBS Training Solutions does not publicly list or acknowledge our sources, clients, or associates due to the sensitive nature of many of our courses and the material contained therein, however SBS will provide referrals and supporting documentation if requested.

"Reducing Your Risk and Maximizing Your Success"

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