Escape Planning

Abductions and hostage situations have become an international problem. Every year finds an increase of potential kidnapping threats to corporate employees as well as family members.

Companies concerned with employee safety need to implement Abduction Management policies and specialized training procedures, especially for those individuals who need to travel or find themselves in high-risk situations.


Knowing the skills sets for Escape Planning enhances both prevention and survivability for employees,


This training has the added benefit of reducing potential financial risks and legal liabilities for the employer



Abduction Management and Escape Captivity Training


Imagination and ingenuity are important elements in escaping captivity. Key elements that can improve your chances of success include:
  • Devising an escape plan
  • Defeating personal restraints
  • Knowing when to attempt an escape
  • Avoiding re-capture
  • Understanding how to improve your chances of success


While each  abduction is different, there are patterns and unique characteristics that create predictable actions and outcomes.  Recognizing and reacting to these patterns is essential to saving your life and the lives of those around you.


Escape Planning and Reducing the Risk of Kidnapping

Our Escape Planning and Abduction Management training is designed to provide the awareness and skill sets required to mitigate the risk of abductions or hostile acts. Participants will learn initial indicators, what to look for, what actions to take, and what to expect next.

The SBS Training Staff is composed of career Special Operations personnel and Subject Matter Experts. Our classroom and practical exercises allow the participants to have a realistic experience of being restrained and the stresses of actual captivity.


Key Elements of The SBS Escape Planning Course Include:


  • Understanding the situational environment
  • Should an escape be attempted?
  • The human element
  • Planning factors
  • Escape initiators
  • Escape opportunities
  • Recapture avoidance
  • Movement techniques and considerations
  • Release recovery
  • Rescue recovery


SBS’s real-world exercises culminate with participants planning an escape, defeating personal restraints, and successfully escaping a simulated captivity experience.


To learn more about Escape Planning, Defeating Restraints, the Abduction Management Course, and our SBS Customized Training programs, please contact us. 


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