Emergency Medicine
Your ability to administer medical treatment during or immediately after an abduction or hostile action could save your life … or someone else’s in an emergency medical situation. In fact, emergency medicine is a key component to Abduction Management.  Basic lifesaving techniques and trauma/wound treatment can sustain life until professional medical care is available.  It only makes sense to be able to protect your employees, colleagues, or loved ones with emergency first aid training. 


In Emergency Medicine, Training is Key

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way when it comes to emergency first aid.  Basic lifesaving measures do not require extensive training nor are they difficult to comprehend.  Knowing what emergency medical equipment to have on hand, and how to use it, is equally important.

There are a myriad of emergency first aid and trauma kits that are economical and easy to place in convenient locations.  But what if an emergency first aid kit is not available? 

Understanding how to improvise and perform alternative medical techniques is paramount especially during an abduction and subsequent captivity or a hostile action.


The SBS Emergency Medicine Training Course

Our Emergency Medicine Training is designed to provide lifesaving knowledge in any situation to protect life, limb and eyesight. The SBS Training Staff is composed of Career Special Operations personnel and Subject Matter Experts.

Our medical trainers are former Special Forces Medics who have performed lifesaving measures in combat situations and training accidents. 


Participants will learn:

  • Basic emergency first aid principles and actions in order to keep themselves or others alive until professional medical care can be obtained
  • How to perform emergency first aid in specific situations

    • Basic Medical Situations:

  1.  Bleeding
  2. Airway Blockage and Breathing Difficulties
  3. Broken Bones and other mobility injuries

  • Emergency First Aid Procedures / Action:

  1. Getting off the “X”
  2. Circulation
  3. Airway
  4. Breathing
  5. Mobility Issues

  • Improvised Emergency First Aid:

  1. Tourniquets
  2. Bandages
  3. Sterilization
  4. Treatment


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