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5 Rules for Driving Safely in Foreign Countries

We are often asked to provide instruction and/or information on how to drive safely in foreign countries, since when people visit other countries for work or play, they often end up driving in those countries.

The Basics, Realistic Emergency Preparation

Anyone who has ever seriously looked at emergency preparation has most likely been overwhelmed by the amount of information that they were confronted with. A very quick internet search, an almost endless amount of websites, videos, blogs, etc., all addressing some aspect of emergency preparation and/or planning.

Finding the Right Trainers for your Organization (Part 2)

Recently, my colleague, Michael Haugen, wrote a short piece about picking the right training company or trainer for your organization’s needs. In his article, Mike tells everyone to be sure to ask questions about the trainer’s qualifications and background to make sure that you will be getting the best bang for your training dollars.

Finding the Right Trainers for your Organization 

Most professional adults have had to attend a variety of training during their professional careers. In the vast majority of these instances, the main population of attendees have no say in who the trainers are and what the training is focused on.

Is Your Business Prepared for an Active Shooter Incident?

The vast majority of active shooter incidents were predicted by employees! People who conduct mass shootings do not do so on a whim, there are many things that lead up to the event which many people witness but do not say anything. Furthermore, when employees do say something...

Abduction - A Global Threat

Companies that operate in severe and high threat countries have a growing concern for the safety of their employees. Beyond indiscriminate crime and random acts of violence, employees are at risk of being abducted or kidnapped for ransom. This type of extortion is a multibillion-dollar business with 30 countries on the Global Abduction Hotspot list.

Corporate Preparedness and Proactive Leadership

Natural Disasters, Active Shooters, Abductions, Emergency Trauma; is it possible to be prepared for everything and to what level should companies ensure their employees are prepared? ....

Work Force Security Challenges

Corporate/company security extends far beyond protecting physical assets, information, and high level executives. Security for the individual employee, both at work and at home is a growing concern for company leaders; especially for companies that operate in high risk areas. The challenge of work force security ...

Corporate Training - Protecting Your Employees

Corporate training can enhance operational efficiency while reducing liability and lowering attrition rates; this benefits the company and its employees. Most companies protect their employees from sexual harassment and discrimination; but what steps are taken to protect employees ...

Standard of Care Rising for Employees in Threat-Elevated Areas

Corporations that have employees who work in threat-elevated areas must provide those employees with proper training and briefings before sending them into harm's way. For employees working within threat-elevated areas, such as along the U.S.-Mexico border or overseas, ...

The Truth About Anti-Kidnapping Training

It is important to understand the two basic and significantly different philosophies of training when it comes to "threat-aversion" and "hostage" scenarios. The first type specializes in the more adrenaline inducing CTC (Combative Training Concepts) while the second type relies on ...

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