Active Shooter Awareness & Incident Response
Active Shooter situations are a major concern in the world we live in today. The threat is very real and the “it won’t happen to me” mentality is not only dangerous but naïve. Likewise, there are a variety of incidents that could occur such as bomb threats, chemical attacks, etc. that present an equally dangerous situation.

Active shooters are individuals who are intent on killing people in a confined and populated area. These situations are unpredictable, are usually over in 10-15 minutes, and end before law enforcement can arrive on the scene. Other types of incidents are just as unpredictable could last hours or even days depending on the type of threat or issue.


Will your employees and workforce know what to do?


Everyone must be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with an active shooter situation or incident and be proactive in the response options. Experts agree that active shooter situation avoidance and incident response training can drastically increase survivability. Further more, reduce companies risks and liablitiy.


As an employer, keeping your employees safe is a priority that cannot be taken lightly. Companies that provide employees with shooter situation avoidance and incident response training ensure all employees are prepared for (and potentially capable of preventing) an active shooter situation or incident.


Creating a thorough plan is critical, and to be effective, plans must be tailored for each company and location. However, having a procedural “plan” in place is not enough, because your active shooter and incident response plans require constant evaluation, updating, and like fire drills, repetitive practice. In many instances, the shooter or perpetrator is a former employee, thus he/she is familiar with the procedures and may react accordingly; that said, if a company has very effect and exercised measures in place, a prospective shooter or perpetrator may decide against this horrible action. 



SBS Active Shooter Situation Avoidance and Incident Response Training


SBS Training Solutions customizes each training event based on company personnel, location, resources, strengths, weaknesses, and many other contributing factors. Additionally, SBS will assists companies in establishing an effective life-saving Active Shooter and Incident Response Plan.


Having a plan that focuses on, and helps mitigate, the individual risk elements is paramount. Our course provides clients and their employees with the necessary training to deal with an active shooter or incident scenario, whether the employees are directly or indirectly targeted.


The SBS staff are subject matter experts with decades of real-world Special Operations experience which allows SBS to address a very wide array of issues and needs. Active shooter avoidance and incident response training will directly help your company in developing executable response plans that all employees can use.


Course participants will learn how to make critical lifesaving decisions using the following criteria:


  • Situational awareness
  • The warning signs of a possible active shooter or incident situation
  • Protective actions during an active shooter and/or incident situation
  • When the response should be Flee, Freeze or Fight
  • Actions when Law Enforcement arrive


The company will receive advice and guidance on the development and implementation of an overall plan to include recommended routine changes, effective measures to take to thwart or minimize the efforts of an active shooter or incident perpetrator.


To learn more about Active Shooter Situation Avoidance and Incident Response and the SBS Customized Training programs, please contact us.


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