The Truth About Anti-Kidnapping Training

The Truth about Anti-Kidnapping Training Abduction Management CoursesIt is important to understand the two basic and significantly different philosophies of training when it comes to "threat-aversion" and "hostage" scenarios. The first type specializes in the more adrenaline inducing Combative Training model, while the second type relies on heightened observation skills, threat detection, and situational awareness. Combative based training focuses on aggressive martial arts techniques, close-quarters offensive and defensive weapons training, and may include high-speed, evasive driving instruction. 

While the second, and less risky, style of anti-kidnapping instructive program may also include evasive driving and unique vehicular maneuvers, this program is based on the model of early detection and avoidance of dangerous situations. Detect, Avoid, and Survive (DAS) is a safer, more subtle, and proactive approach. This system is employed by SBS Training Solutions as a non-confrontational "preferred option", and is based on situational awareness, verification of the danger, and a series of specific steps used to avoid or escape the attack cycle.
While there is a place for combative style training, there can also a few drawbacks. First, it is unrealistic to assume that even a skilled person with actual combat experience will be capable of overcoming attackers who have the advantage of surprise and Superior numbers. Furthermore, given that many countries (and some places within the U.S.) prohibit the carrying of weapons, the idea of self-defense weapons training in these instances is questionable, and its ability to protect against an attack is unlikely.
Unfortunately for the employer, when aggressive or offensive methods are the only training offered to corporate level employees, it is not uncommon for a number of upper-level employees to leave the organization within the next two to six weeks. Many employees become uncomfortable with the idea of physical confrontation, and they will perceive the possibility of a dangerous face-to-face altercation as an unacceptable risk for continued employment. This can be an unexpected and expensive side effect to training programs that focus on brute force and physical reactions to situations that could (and should) have been detected and avoided.

Our "detect and avoid" approach has many advantages over hand-to-hand, close quarters, or aggressive response classes; the main one being pre-event awareness.

Experience continually demonstrates it is preferable to identify and avoid a threat before it can escalate into a dangerous face-to-face, reactionary confrontation. 


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SBS's philosophy is simple yet highly effective:

Security Through Education ... Not Confrontation

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