Finding the Right Trainers for your Organization

Author: Michael Haugen

Feb. 3, 2020


Most professional adults have had to attend a variety of training during their professional careers. In the vast majority of these instances, the main population of attendees have no say in who the trainers are and what the training is focused on. We all have been to long, dare I say, “boring” seminars and “training” events which in the end did not seem to serve any purpose. More to the point, we have all walked away from this training thinking about 2 distinct things; first is the amount of work that has piled up while we were attending and second how little we gleaned from the training itself.

While company managers, leaders and those charged with putting some type of “event” together strive to seek out the best solution to an identified need, they generally “do not know what they do not know”. This article will hopefully provide some “food for thought” to those charged with developing some type of training event for their employees or co-workers and are assigned with the task of finding the right trainers for their organization.

Ask about a training company’s credentials


In general, the need for training typically starts with an identified deficiency or something that perhaps “needs work”. At this point, someone in the organization is selected to find a source or sources and at some point, a company is selected to conduct the training, a date is set and everyone is off to the races. Far too often training sources are selected for little reason other than they advertise that they provide a specific type of training or event.


Most people who do the selecting feel that they don’t know enough about the subject to ask about a training company’s credentials or back ground before making the selection of a particular training entity.
Training companies and individuals are as varied as people everywhere. They can range from good to bad, which means the training you receive will be as good or bad as the trainers you select.

People charged with identifying and selecting trainers need to spend some type researching potential trainers and training companies. They need to disregard the “hype” and marketing information and really take a good look at the company, talk to references and if possible, attend one of their training events to actually see if the training is appropriate for your company. Any company that refuses to accommodate a request for attendance to one of their courses should immediately be suspect. Lastly, take a very hard look at the individual instructors, their backgrounds and what they reportedly bring to the table.

Find Skilled and Knowledgeable Trainers

Choose your corporate trainers wisely. Interview training specialists and do not be afraid to ask the company to alter their training to meet your company’s needs. Not all training suits all companies. You need to have a very open conversation with any prospective training provider and explain what you NEED out of the training, if they are professional, they will be happy to discuss with you how to develop a comprehensive training program, and will provide the best skilled and knowledgeable trainers. Your employees and co-workers will be excited about attending and subsequently make your company stronger, more efficient and better.
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