Defeating Restraints
Within the international business community, it has become essential to know how to avoid an abduction or kidnapping situation. But what happens if the targeted victim doesn’t see the warning signs or is unable to prevent the attack? 
How you react when (and immediately after) you are being abducted or kidnapped becomes a matter of life-or-death. Knowing how to defeat or escape personal restraints (zip ties, handcuffs, duct tape, flex cuffs, or rope) can make the difference between becoming a sad statistic or escaping and staying alive. 


Will you know how to survive?

Being restrained immediately limits your options and ability to escape; but knowing how to defeat restraints removes this limitation and substantially increases your chance of survival and escape.

Two fundamental questions become key to your survival:

  • How prepared will you be if you are suddenly abducted or kidnapped?  
  • Will you have the necessary skill sets to defeat the restraints used by your abductors?

Tape and rope are the most common types of restraints, yet you must be prepared to defeat these as well as other types of restraints that might be used against you.
Heavy duty zip ties with strong tensile strength might seem impossible to defeat, but they are not. Although rarely used in abductions or by criminals what if they use handcuffs? would you know the techniques (secrets) you can use to escape?
Having the knowledge … knowing the methods and techniques (skill sets) … AND being prepared gives you a huge advantage because it increases your ability to survive.

The Ability to Defeat Most Restraints Increases Your Chances of Survival


Simply put, if you travel, live or work in a high threat area, you need to be prepared!



Defeating Personal Restraints Training

SBS Training Solutions offers a very specific and highly unique course entitled Defeating Personal Restraints. This “hands-on” class is designed to provide the skill sets required to survive and escape an abduction or hostile act.
Our SBS Training Instructors are career Special Operations personnel and Subject Matter Experts who provide extensive field experience and real-world knowledge.
Course participants will learn how to identify and defeat most of the common restraints (even in the dark or blindfolded) and with a limited ability to move their arms and legs (simulated use of common multiple-restraint techniques).
1) Participants will learn:
  • How to identify various restraints by feel, sound, and smell
  • The proper presentation methods that help to facilitate the defeat of different restraints
  • The acronym “SABU” and how to apply it
  • Techniques to defeat handcuffs, zip ties, duct tape, rope, and flex cuffs
  • How to find and manufacture various tools used to defeat restraints 
There is no question that it has become a more dangerous and unpredictable world, and that events such as home invasions, hostage situations, and kidnappings are becoming more prevalent.
Because of this, it is essential to know how to avoid an abduction or kidnapping. But knowing what to do if you become a kidnap victim can quickly transform a life-threatening situation into an “escape and survive” opportunity.

Knowledge is Power

It is said that “Knowledge is Power”. Understanding various types of restraints and knowing how to escape from them is key to surviving abductions and kidnappings because it transforms you from being a victim to becoming a survivor; from captivity to freedom.
To learn more about Defeating Restraints, the Abduction Management Course, and our SBS Customized Training programs, please contact us.

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