Abduction - A Global Threat


Kidnapping and Abduction is a Reality

Companies that operate in severe and high threat countries have a growing concern for the safety of their employees. Beyond indiscriminate crime and random acts of violence, employees are at risk of being abducted or kidnapped for ransom. This type of extortion is a multibillion-dollar business with 30 countries on the Global Abduction Hotspot list.

Although a large number of abductions are politically motivated, the global economic crisis has amplified kidnapping for ransom. Several hotspot countries have reported a recent decrease in abductions and kidnappings, however, it is estimated that 60-70% of abductions are now unreported due to an increase in government and law enforcement corruption. Additionally, countries with rapidly deteriorating economies have a significant increase in Virtual Kidnappings.

Kidnap for Ransom

Is Kidnapping and Ransom (K&R) insurance sufficient protection for your employees? K&R Insurance does not pay ransom for the return of the abductees; companies must seek reimbursement under the terms of the policy after the ransom has been paid. Therefore, K&R Insurance protects a company’s financial liability but not the individual employee from being abducted. Ironically, some kidnappers target companies that have K&R insurance increasing their chance of payment.
Many companies that operate in high threat countries are providing their employees with Abduction Management training. By providing their employees with the skills and knowledge to indentify threats and take appropriate action significantly decreases the risk of random violence, abduction and other forms of extortion. Additionally, the employees are invested in their own personal security on and off work and extend this security to their families.

Abduction Management and Travel Safety Training

SBS Training Solutions’ Abduction Management program is customized to your company’s area/s of operations. This specialized instruction and practical exercises focus on abduction prevention as well as abduction survival and escape. 
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