All you need to do is log into the internet or watch the evening news; the world we live in has become a much more dangerous place. There is no doubt we need to become more aware of our immediate surroundings and learn how to protect ourselves, our families, our businesses, and even our employees.

SBS Training Solutions believes individuals, families, and corporations will immediately benefit from vulnerability assessments, risk management, situational awareness, and team building. Our Training Instructors are career Special Operations personnel and Subject Matter Experts who have developed a unique ability to discover weaknesses and gaps within personal and corporate security protocols.


One example is our hands-on course offered to those who need to understand and practice “Situational Awareness” on a daily basis. This in-depth training allows our clients the ability to quickly identify and avoid dangerous situations in a proven methodology.


SBS Training Solutions courses are designed to address a variety of scenarios so every participant will easily understand, remember, and be able to apply the concepts.


Liability Reduction

The bar for the standard of corporate responsibility and care is rising. If corporate leaders are slow to respond, they may find themselves in high-profile lawsuits with legal demands that penetrate the insurance layers of the primary Employer's Liability limits, including their Umbrella policies.


That is, of course, if they are fortunate enough to find this type of coverage within their current insurance policies.


Studies show that pro-active companies find themselves in a much better position to defend against these types of lawsuits, both in the legal courts and in the courts of public opinion. Additionally,history show us attorneys specializing in personal injury will continually seek ways to circumvent the company's non-disclosure agreements. 

Because of the increase in lawsuits involving corporate liability or culpability in the cases of kidnapping and abduction, corporations are quickly realizing the intrinsic value of pro-active, preemptive threat-aversion education and surveillance detection training for their employees.


Many companies are also hiring security and anti-kidnapping experts to conduct systems audits and vulnerability assessments that result in protective practices and formalized workplace policies.

The question of what is considered "adequate training" is now being decided within the court systems. Being proactive in training and education is preferable to letting the outcomes of a lengthy and costly litigation process decide the costs of ignoring the growing problems of:


  • Abduction Management
  • Corporate Safety Policies
  • Travel Planning


SBS's programs and training sessions are designed to address these specific corporate concerns


Protect Your Company

Every company is at risk for a variety of litigation efforts on a daily basis. SBS training courses assist companies in developing knowledge, practices, and procedures that facilitate the recognition of potential issues and problems that can possibly become catastrophic.


While no one can foresee every security problem or risk-based scenario, SBS provides tangible, actionable training that allows companies and employees to recognize potential problems before they occur, and take appropriate actions to change course for a positive outcome.


Knowledge Is Power

It is said “Knowledge is Power”. SBS empowers individual employees to directly benefit the company which in turn immediately reduces overall risk and creates a more effective and profitable organization.


To learn more about SBS Training Solutions, our Customized Training programs and why SBS should be your choice for Security Training, Team Building, and Risk Awareness courses, please contact us. 


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