Virtual Kidnapping And Virtual Extortion Training
Virtual Kidnapping is an extortion scheme that tricks people into paying a ransom to free a loved one. This type of scam fools the target into believing their loved one has been abducted and will suffer from violence or death if the ransom is not quickly paid.  The extortionist often spoofs or clones the number of the “kidnapped” victim, making the target believe they must pay the ransom immediately. Currently, most of these calls originate from Mexico or the Caribbean, and often are made from incarcerated convicts. 


These criminals are no longer targeting specific individuals, and since the risk of getting caught is practically zero, virtual kidnapping has turned into a “Cold Calling” business. 


How will you know?


When we think of the safety of our loved ones, the risk of failing to comply with the demands is unthinkable. This is amplified by the relatively low ransom amount, which is usually $2,000 or less. 

The scam typically begins with a phone call saying your family member is being held captive. The caller may allege your loved one has been kidnapped and you hear a voice screaming in the background.

Another variant of the fraud has a family member being held because he or she caused an auto accident, is injured, and won't be allowed to go to the hospital until damages are paid. Callers will typically provide the person being called with specific instructions to ensure a safe return of the family member.

You may be ordered to stay on the line until money is wired. The caller may claim not to have received the money and may demand more payment.

Virtual Kidnapping and Virtual Extortion Training

Our Virtual Kidnapping training teaches you how to limit exposure and manage an extortion attempt. As in all risk management, knowledge and preparation are the keys to avoidance. 

Our SBS Training Staff is composed of Career Special Operations personnel and Subject Matter Experts. Their extensive and “hands-on” experience in Central and South America, along with other countries across the globe, provides a unique insight into actual and virtual kidnappings. 


Participants will learn:

  • The concepts of Virtual Extortion / Virtual Kidnapping schemes and how to avoid or manage the situation should it occur
  • What a Virtual Extortion / Virtual Kidnapping scheme is and how it is perpetrated
  • The various steps they can take to successfully manage the situation. For example:
    1. Who conducts these acts
    2. How they gather the information they use to extort money
  • Methods of extortion
  1. Their use of terror or fear
  2. Means to minimize one’s exposure prior to an extortion attempt
  3. Management of a situation involving an extortion attempt


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