Surveillance Detection
Establishing an effective, combined workplace violence prevention and insider threat program has become a necessary skill (and new global standard) for individuals, corporations, and even “at risk” family members.
At SBS Training Solutions, we believe it is better to teach a person how to avoid a dangerous situation rather than teach a victim how to survive an actual assault or kidnapping incident. To accomplish this, it all begins with Surveillance Detection.
Surveillance Detection is applying a set of learned skills (Techniques, Tactics and Procedures) to determine if a person or group is conducting surveillance on a person/group, location, or specific event.

Why Surveillance Detection is Crucial

Planned hostile attacks, such as kidnappings, robberies, and workplace violence, require information to succeed. Surveillance Detection offers you a huge advantage because it:
  • Confirms or denies a potential threat
  • Provides an opportunity to deny the hostiles the information they require
  • Disrupts the attack during the planning phase
If someone is conducting surveillance on you or your business, they are possibly gathering intelligence prior to carrying out an abduction or attack.

The end state of Surveillance Detection is to prevent a hostile act before it happens


SBS Surveillance Detection Training

Our Surveillance Detection training is designed to provide the skill sets required to mitigate the risk of abduction or hostile act.
The SBS Training Staff is composed of career Special Operations personnel with decades of real-world experience. Our Subject Matter Experts have “boots-on-the-ground” operational experience in surveillance, surveillance detection, and counter surveillance measures. Because they have conducted actual missions, our instructors understand what works … and more importantly what does not.
Surveillance Detection is a critical part of our Abduction Management Program. Our training program consists of both classroom training, and most importantly, practical exercises. Participants will conduct multiple Surveillance Detection Exercises over the course of several days. These exercises take place in a down town area with routes that enter and exit major facilities.

SBS employs role players (not previously seen by the participants) to provide a realistic training scenario that is designed to enhance each person’s skill sets. Key take-aways of these exercises include:
  1. Understanding the basics of Surveillance Detection and how to implement the skill set into their daily lives
  2. Being able to use these skills to isolate and confirm suspected surveillance activities
  3. Recognizing various types of surveillance conducted by criminal elements intent on gathering information for potentially illicit purposes
  4. Learning how to protect themselves and make themselves less appealing targets
By the end of the course you will be able to carry out sophisticated surveillance detection drills to either evade, deter, or gather your own intelligence on the surveillance teams.

Classroom and Field Exercises 

The classroom and practical exercises consist of five segments:
  • Surveillance detection techniques
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Surveillance Detection Routes (SDR)
  • When and where Surveillance Detection should be conducted
To learn more about Surveillance Detection, our Abduction Management Courses, and the SBS Customized Training programs, please contact us.

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