Team Building

Team Building


The term “team building” invokes different responses from different people. Many people envision actions as falling backwards with their eyes closed and being caught by their coworkers in an attempt to build trust, while others think of camping or river rafting with coworkers. The point is that “team building” can be all or none of these activities depending upon the company and the individuals contained therein. The act of team building is at its core an event or exercise to get employees (coworkers) to work together in a non-traditional environment and situation in an attempt to get them to better understand one another and to develop some level of trust among each other. 


There are a wide array of companies and businesses in the US who specialize in presenting and conducting team building events. In most cases, these companies focus on a specific type of event relying on companies to select their unique offering as being appropriate to them. Unfortunately, with any group of people there will inevitably be at least one or several people who are not interested in that type of event or situation, however given that they are in a group, peer pressure may make them participate even though they do not want to or even are terrified of it. In many instances a packaged team building event causes more problems than it solves and often times results in creating more problems in the work place post event.


Successful Team Building

For a team building event to be successful, it needs to be non-threatening to the participants, however it needs to be interesting enough to warrant participation. The event does not need to be exhaustive or difficult, it merely has to require that participants work together in order to accomplish a task or tasks. Therefore, a true team building event should include a variety of tasks suited to a wider audience in order to garner the most participation possible. Team building events that are tied to the business itself such as conducting an action based on the business model wherein people from different departments work in unfamiliar departments under tight time lines can prove to be very beneficial to the overall company.


Build Positive Company Culture & Increase your Company's Overall Security

SBS Training Solutions can assist your company in identifying and conducting a team building event not only meets the needs of your company and the personalities of your employees, but builds positive company culture and increases your companies overall security. To learn more, please contact us.


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