Captivity Survival
The number of kidnappings and abductions reported annually are currently in the thousands, and the trend is increasing at an alarming rate. Even more frightening is the fact that it is spreading geographically, expanding from a regional issue into a significant global concern.    In the past, Latin America was the highest threat area, but Asia, Africa, and the Middle East have become just as dangerous. Some experts estimate that less than 20% of all kidnappings are reported to authorities.
In Mexico, The number of reported events may even be closer to 5%, in other words 95% of kidnappings are not reported due to a fear of reprisal and/or the belief that nothing will be done.
This means that if you are travelling or living in a high threat area, on-going training and risk awareness preparation has become an absolute necessity.

Knowing how to Survive or “What You Don’t Know Can KILL YOU!”

Thinking about being kidnapped or abducted can be overwhelming. There’s an adage that states, “I don’t even know enough to know what I don’t know”. This is especially true when it comes to the skills needed to survive a kidnapping event and a hostage situation.
In the past, most of us never gave second thought to being “rolled up”; the euphemism for being rolled up inside a rug and placed within the trunk of a waiting car. But times have changed, and the nightly news is filled with child abductions and kidnappings. Our mobile phones are notifying us of red and yellow alerts on a weekly basis … and the trend is only increasing.
If the worst happens, would you know how to:
  • Get out of the situation
  • Avoid violence
  • Manage trauma
  • Mentally and physically survive captivity
Survival is a matter of preparation, careful thought, and mental stability. Many captives have survived and escaped terrifying situations because they were mentally and physically prepared … they knew what to do to survive. They didn’t panic; they didn’t lose hope; they didn’t give up. They were prepared!
If you want to substantially increase the odds of surviving a kidnapping event, you must constantly be aware of your surroundings. You must use all your senses to understand your environment, recognize changes, and seize opportunities, but perhaps the largest contributing factor to success is the application of careful thought and common sense.



Captivity Survival Training

Our Captivity Survival and Abduction Management training is designed to provide the skill sets required to reduce the risk associated with abductions and/or hostile acts. The SBS Training Staff is composed of career Special Operations personnel and Subject Matter Experts who have actual field experience and firsthand knowledge of this specific and unique subject.


Under their training and guidance, participants will:

  1. Recognize the signs or indicators that you are being watched (surveilled)
  2. Steps or actions you can take to become a more difficult (and less predictable) target
  3. Learn how to break the “attack cycle”
If abducted, understand and take steps to survive
  1. Overview and understanding of the processes of kidnapping events
  2. Learn how to deal with the psychological and physical effects of captivity
  3. Pre-event Planning
  4. Defeat various restraints
  5. How to plan, prepare and potentially escape
  6. Survive an abduction with dignity
Learn how to avoid and prepare for criminal efforts against you
  1. Identify social media vulnerabilities
  2. Learn how to deal with “virtual” kidnappings
To learn more about Captivity Survival, the Abduction Management Course, and the SBS Customized Training programs, please contact us.

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