Physical Security Awareness (PSA)

It seems like an everyday occurrence on the evening news; reports of random violence on individuals or families, home invasions, attacks on fellow employees, and workplace shootings.

Within the realm of business, theft, physical attacks and workplace violence have a significant impact on a company’s ability to provide a safe environment. This can require several layers of security and employee awareness to protect personnel, property, and data.

Like cyber-attacks, physical security breaches are often as result of human error or negligence. Developing employee’s physical security awareness helps ensure they remain alert to breaches and other potential risks to your personnel, facilities, and other assets.


Physical Security Awareness Requirements

Physical Security requirements vary depending on the industry and type of company, especially those working within both the public and private sectors. Employee awareness training and best practice procedures can significantly reduce risks while minimizing losses.

Physical Security Awareness should not be an annual memorandum or event. It needs to become an established and embedded routine. Your organization should make it an ongoing training program that involves employees at every level.


Security protocols need to be at the forefront; constantly updated and evaluated


SBS Physical Security Awareness Training

SBS customizes the training to make your Physical Security Awareness courses and programs interesting and relevant to your company and employees. We bring your training program back to the individual level and teach them what they need to do as well as how to do it.

Our training encompasses various physical security issues ranging from basic personal security efforts to companywide security concerns. This Physical Security Awareness course allows your company to develop a security awareness program that transforms your security liabilities into strengths.

The SBS Training Staff is composed of career Special Operations and Subject Matter Experts who have field experience and firsthand knowledge in various physical security issues ranging from individual personal security practices to international multi-location security planning in high threat environments.


This course will assist companies in developing a comprehensive Physical Security Plan that will reduce losses and increase overall security 


The topics include:

  1. Facility Security
  2. Workstation Security
  3. Device and Data Security
  4. Cybersecurity Crossover
  5. Theft and Loss Prevention
  6. Policies and Best Practices

To learn more about Physical Security Awareness and the SBS Customized Training programs, please contact us.

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