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Our instructor staff emanate from the US Special Operations community; they have conducted a wide variety of operations worldwide and maintain an extensive list of skills. Because of their decades of real-world experience in challenging and often austere environments as well as their collective experiences in the private sector, SBS is capable of developing and providing training in an almost limitless array of subjects, that said, SBS specializes in security related subjects to include but not limited to;
  • Abduction management
  • Physical security
  • Community Interaction Operations
  • Personal Threat Awareness
  • Cybersecurity


Additionally, as a direct result of the diversity of its instructors, SBS is able to provide focused professional training in areas such as;


  • International business development
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Active shooter and incident response
  • ITAR Understanding and adherence
  • FCPA understanding and adherence


This exceptionally diverse and expansive experience base allows SBS to also offer training and guidance in policy development for company large and small. Our policy development offerings dovetail into the training listed above, evolving the training into actionable well-developed company policies and procedures that will be an asset.


SBS is able to develop and present virtually any type and/or level of instruction a customer may be interested in. Please contact us with your needs and we will be happy to provide details based upon your specific requirements and location.



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