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SBS Training Solutions is an exceptionally diverse and capable company; its staff comprises a very wide degree of backgrounds, experiences and skills which allows the company to develop and execute highly professional courses that deliver usable skills that can be applied immediately. We recognize that the vast majority of employees who work for multinational corporations, international non-governmental organizations, religious groups, etc. receive no real training to prepare themselves for the dangers and threats they encounter as they perform their tasks around the world.
SBS Training Solutions provides specific training to recognize and deal with these widely-varied dangers and threats to these employees. These training programs perform a number of benefits to both the employee/volunteer and their employer or organization, such as, improving confidence, enhancing security, increasing productivity, provide great team-building, and reduce the employers’ or organization’s legal liability.
SBS Training Solutions customized programs allow the client to select those subject areas that they feel are most appropriate to their business model and specific needs.




1. The client selects subject areas they are interested in and feel are appropriate to their business.

2. SBS Training Solutions provides in-depth descriptions of the subject areas to include resource and timing requirements.

3. The client makes a final determination on the subject areas (classes), the timing and the location.

4. SBS Training Solutions provides a comprehensive price quote to the client

5. The client approves the quote and the training is scheduled


SBS Training Solutions can provide a wide variety of training venues; due to the diverse nature of some of these courses, they may require unique resources to be executed and not be easily compatible with other classes. SBS will help guide customers through this process to ensure that all aspects and requirements are completely understood prior to approval and execution.
The following list is suggested as a guide to help clients develop an idea of the wide variety of specific training opportunities available. Every company, organization and client is different and SBS Training Solutions will work with each to address the issues most important to them.

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