Community Interaction Operations
Community Stability is achieved through a series of methodical plans, actions, and efforts known as Community Interaction Operations (CIO).  The end state is to facilitate the integration of a company into a community as a partner or community member. This undertaking is typically accomplished by the company engaging with a local community or a group of communities to educate, inform, and unite with them. 

Community Interaction Operations generally stem from a community having a lack of understanding about the company or have received a large amount of misinformation about the company and its intent.  This can create an adverse impact on ongoing and future operations if not corrected.  Ideally, Community Interaction Operations are executed prior to a company establishing a facility, however, it can be executed at any phase depending on the local circumstances and reaction.

Community Interaction Operations are successful when the company becomes a community asset not just a job provider.  Having the community’s support is the key end state and can facilitate a long-term partnership with the local populace.  Without community support, a company can remain as risk to attacks, political bias, and indifference which can ultimately lead to failure and the departure of the company.  Companies must view the community as a neighbor and themselves as a valued component of the community capable of providing resources and support.


SBS Training Solutuions staff are trusted advisors with experience of multiple successful, real world CIO's in high threat areas, in various foreign countries


Community Stability Training

This course prepares companies to properly and successfully execute Community Interaction Operations.  

Our training ensures companies take a cradle-to-grave research, planning, and execution approach that impacts and engages multiple aspects of the community and the lives of its population. 


  1. Community Interaction Operation (CIO) overview
  2. Research, Planning, and Execution
  3. Predisposed Beliefs
  4. Population and Key Individuals


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