Strategic Awareness
Strategic – (definition) - relating to a general plan that is created to achieve a goal in war, politics, etc., usually over a long period of time
Awareness – (definition) –applying vigilance in observing or alertness in drawing inferences from what is occurring in one’s environment
Strategic Awareness can be defined as developing a long range plan to become ever more vigilant of one’s surroundings; as a corporate culture, as a personal state of mind, and all matters in between. Whether the goal is to protect and improve your company’s financial status or to protect your company’s most valuable assets, (your employees and their families), developing a strong Strategic Awareness program should be high on your company’s list of corporate goals.
Becoming more aware of the ever-changing conditions surrounding your company and its’ employees can be the difference between exceeding your corporate financial bench-marks, or suffering the effects of devastating losses to your most valuable assets and to your bottom line.


Learning how to recognize many kinds of threats can:

  • 1. Clear the Pathway ahead for your company
  • 2. Create New Opportunities
  • 3. Strenghtens Leadership
  • 4. Remove Risks
  • 5. Mititgate Loss
  • 6. Reduce Liability
  • 7. Reduce Dangerous Threats to your company and your employees

SBS Training Solutions experienced staff can assist in navigating and developing a successful strategic awareness program. Contact us to discuss how we can help.


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